CASAMARLES is a catalan non for profit organization that aims to work as a Residency for artists and curators and as a provider of affordable working and living space. The objective of CASAMARLES is to support both artists that base their practice in the studio, working individually in a more traditional manner and also artists and curators that define their practice in more conceptual terms. Artists that contemplate and develop the idea of working as ethnographers, as researchers in the social realm, as active members of a community. CASAMARLES will try to favor these type of work based in site-specificity, participatory activities and what lately has been called ‘the collaborative turn’ in contemporary art. CASAMARLES will function by a double strategy: Affordable Space CM and AIR CM.


1-Our motivation for setting up CASAMARLES is to facilitate and help artists and researchers to develop their practice as a social engaged discipline. We believe in the advantages in becoming less reliant on grant aid and moving towards generating the majority of our income from renting the space following the double strategy mentioned above. We can do this by providing affordable working and living space and organizing an AIR Program while being the local agent that facilitates interaction between the participants/tenants and the village.

2-We believe in the promotion of contextual and interdisciplinary strategies of collaboration amongst the participants/tenants of CASAMARLES and the local initiatives existing in the village. We think that this interaction encourages fruitful exchange and promotes understanding and benefits both the artists/researchers and the local community.

3- Facilitate to the participants/tenants of CASAMALES of a unique environment. Llorenc del Penedes is a village with a strong sense of community and vibrant and divers associative movements. We think that to share these experiences is our obligation.   

Casamarles refurbishment

During the last 2 years Casamarles has been under a process of refurbishment that still continues. The old structure of the house had to be accommodated for its new function. The stables has been knocked down to give space for a patio, studios an arched open air meeting place. The wall between the old kitchen and the garage has been eliminated creating a big common living room. The old electricity system  as well as the water pipes has been changed. During this Summer new wooden windows will be installed and the 4 first floor rooms will be refurnished through the FURNISH ME recycling furniture Workshop. The studio at the garret will be refurbished in Winter 2009.

Bellow you will find the 'before and after' development of the site.  

Patio before

Patio after

Kitchen before

Kitchen after

Living room before

Living room after